The Greek Word “Vasilopita” is translated as “Sweet Bread of Basil”

If you grew up in a Greek household, you’ve likely been a part of the Joyous Tradition of the cutting of The Vasilopita on each New Year’s Day.

Even though it’s a Greek tradition, the meaning of the Vasilopita should cross all borders and become a symbolic New Year’s family tradition in everyone’s home!

This beautiful Coin bears the image of St. Basil, a Greek bishop who was also a great philanthropist. In Cappadocia, Turkey in the last half of the fourth century, to help the town’s poor while preserving their dignity… He brought gold pieces to the local bakers and asked that they anonymously bake the gold coins into the bread. In the following days, families in cutting the bread to nourish themselves, had the pleasant surprise of finding the coins.

This Beautifully Minted Vasilopita Coin with the image of St. Basil The Great was designed by Father George Papadeas expressly for the purpose of this Wonderful Occasion.

Each Golden Vasilopita Coin comes in its own display case complete with The Story of the Vasilopita, our Favorite Vasilopita Recipe, and the traditional cutting instructions. If you are friends with any Greek person, it makes a Great and Very Thoughtful Gift!